January 18, 2011

"...life is complex, sometimes complicated, and stressful, yet Life is to be lived to the fullest."

I meant this sentence as Nina meant it. Because the feelings inside of... my heart and soul are sometimes so powerful and strong that I feel like all the World's feeling are concentrated in mines. and I truely believe that loads of souls share this emotions, and have the faith in sharing feelings this way - to be Everybody at the same time while being : ME. And though that I feel it, I know, I still could introduce myself to some. And that's my desire towards those to know them and to be known this way.

I know, and feel it absolutely and am grateful for Life's wholeness and even it's stresses. I need them! I wouldn't - and don't WANT to - be whole without these up and downs of this beautiful Rollercoaster. because going up we only can if we start from the bottom of the things. Firstly in our deepness.
And I want to share all the drops of my feelings. To show "what it means to feel what I feel."
To feel love. To feel loved. Living and feelin: Alive.

And what I want to give with this song is it's power. Not a genre, not a place or a "name". Everything, what it means to me. What get out of me. What inspires me about it.
And it is truely a huge inspiration knowing all what those people done with Their personality - tip to toe, from Their soul, because They believed in what were doing.

To "use" this love as it is meant to be used, to be the lover who gives everything possible. For this World, what awoken this power to love.