November 15, 2011


Please. Couldn't we just skip christmas now? I'm a tiny bit sick of getting into "mood for celebrations" from different kind of advertisments. I wonder if sometime media would forget about making ads for a feast - would we have our own thoughs? Our own FEELINGS and ideas about them?
Why the heck would I want to put a red ribbon on some present I couldn't even wrap to someone I love - is it the only way a gift can be ...a gift? Really?
Why's that we forget how to open our mind, mouth and heart for our own thought and feelings? Not just forwarding Others' ideas...
Yes, they might have been made perfectly, mesarued with liners, ready to sell. Because they are meant to be sold. Even if we're showed to see them made "with heart and soul". But in fact, they are attached to blood and meet. And not only from bones and meat humans... More, like selling blood. And eating bread, with red drops from the green back of dollars.