January 22, 2012

January, You finger of round-going time...

Szépen fekszel a havon,
Nicely You’re lying on the snow

Fest a jég alakodon,
Ice blazons Your shape
nincs pára az ajkadon,
(There’s) no steam on Your lips

Meghalt az alkalom.
Time vanished

Szemedet gondolom,
Your eyes, (is what I) think (of)
Mosolyod gondolom,
Smile (of Yours is what I) think (of)
Csontszínű liliom,
Cream-coloured lilies

Leomló hajadon.
On Your falling hair

Erősödik január,
January rises
Leesik a madár,
Bird’s falling
Szépen fekszik a havon,
lying nicely on the snow
Kezednek odaadom.
I give it in Your hands

Sebesség gondolom,
Celerity, (is what I) think (of)
Magasság gondolom,
Height, (is what I) think (of)
Az az ég van-e még,
If that sky still exists… (I think of…)

Túl a tél falakon.
Over the winter walls.

Issza a szemem az út,
Road’s drinking my eyes
Te-te-te, tengerbe fut.
Seas, seas, seas are they running to

Ül a világ ujjadon,
The World sits on Your fingers

Tőle volt a fájdalom,
Pain is caused of it
Látnád, hogyan vezekel,
If You’d see how it atones…
Nevetnél magatokon.
You would laugh at Yourselves.

Hol a hő, hol a hő,
Where’s the warmth, the warmth…
Az a fényszerető,
That light-lover
Látom, ott menetel,
(I) Can see him now, walks down there
Aki én megyek el.
(And) I’m who goes away.

November 15, 2011


Please. Couldn't we just skip christmas now? I'm a tiny bit sick of getting into "mood for celebrations" from different kind of advertisments. I wonder if sometime media would forget about making ads for a feast - would we have our own thoughs? Our own FEELINGS and ideas about them?
Why the heck would I want to put a red ribbon on some present I couldn't even wrap to someone I love - is it the only way a gift can be ...a gift? Really?
Why's that we forget how to open our mind, mouth and heart for our own thought and feelings? Not just forwarding Others' ideas...
Yes, they might have been made perfectly, mesarued with liners, ready to sell. Because they are meant to be sold. Even if we're showed to see them made "with heart and soul". But in fact, they are attached to blood and meet. And not only from bones and meat humans... More, like selling blood. And eating bread, with red drops from the green back of dollars.

October 23, 2011

Let it rain - on your inner skin

There is something unaproachable beauty in the the silently pouring rain, on a sunday evening. When the town is sleeping.
And the drops make love with the autumn grass. Sighs heard gently in the dark. Listening to it. And breathing in. Out of the window. Being the only sinner, who throws it's shadow on it. Alone. Whispering sweet words of love and gratefulness.

And first time in a first place. Feeling yourself - being home.

October 7, 2011

Naked time

Sometimes your soul just needs to get every unnecessary weights off, what keeps it on the ground.
To lift itself up a bit, to breathe, to touch the sky, to drink the clouds. To be just simply... purely, nothing else. Just the picture in the frame. Out the frame.
Just paint it

October 3, 2011

From Brooklyn to the souls /dratf/

Want to live in a green world again.

Comfort slowly kills the human being.

Or they do it themselves because of it.

I knew a lot of elderly in the mountains who lived in the countryside, they really lived with nothing, a copuple of cows, chicken...in a house that did't even have real glasses at the windows and they were so happy...modern people are all the time stressed and sad.

That's our problem. Having windows, but not using them to let the world in, just another thing to hide ourselves away from the light, from each other, and hanging colourful "curtains" justr to make it more patterned, instead of saying the truth, that we forgot how to just look out on it...

Tech and economy have surpassed us and our tools are'nt more for our utility . Our societies arent made for the people.

People. But not their souls.

(Based of outsider events and a conversation with a friend, about it.)

April 3, 2011

Ghymes - Peony

Érzem léptedet,
(I feel your step)
(Smell-taste of yours)
Bazsarózsa, vigyázz!
(Peony, watch out)

Szoknyád gyönge csak,
(Your skirt is only weak)
Tudják, merre vagy,
(They know, where you are)
Csillogós vadak, vigyázz!
(Shiny beast, watch out!)

Érted s ellened
(For you and against you)
Háborút remeg
(Shivering a war)
Mind, ki észrevett Téged.
(All, who noticed / saw you)

Háborút remeg
(Shivering a war)
Mind, ki észrevett Téged.
(All, who noticed / saw you)

Fönn jársz, nem velünk,
(You’re walking up high, not down between us)
Bántunk, fáj nekünk,
(We hurt you, it aches for us)
Átlagos fejünk, halj meg!
(Average head of us, die now!)

Jobb, ha eltapos
(Better, if it steps on us)
A viszonylagos,
(The relativious)
A jövő magos, halj meg!
(The future is high, die now!)

Nem lehet ilyet,
(It’s not possible)
Énekli Neked
(To sing something like that for you)
Sírva, ki temet Téged.
(Crying is, who’s burying you)

Nem lehet ilyet,
(It’s not possible)
Énekli Neked
(To sing something like that for you)
Sírva, ki temet Téged.
(Crying is, who’s burying you)

March 13, 2011

Love to You...

Wanna get lost with You. In all senses.
Want Your everything, Your touch, Your lips, Your heart.
To fly high, and dive deep.
To become just one... of Us.

And I just wanna make love to you.