February 9, 2011

Here we go

So time arrived, when tears are not meant to resemble sadness. And crying shows that the heart has been fulfilled with love, energies and all to power it could get and give back to the World, this beauty, this Hill we're crawling up on day-by-day. Wanting, wishing, whispering, shouting, laughing, loving, living and living and living. Living, as never we would and could do in other times again, once in a way it doesn't need a repeat. Because it goes just as it goes, and have to.

dreaming about him

i dreamt you.
again. but.
i dont know you
who are you?
ive seen you in my dreams
not once
but twice
and talking
and playing
your voice, is sweet, just as your smile, it is.

you were just there. when i waws just there
none of us was here because of the other... there was mo reason at all
we just were and ...had to be there, like to find each other...
you were just there, naturally, like it was meant to be.
playing, smiling around, just with your pure joy for life. and you touched me and we started playing.
i was happy having you around, and being there, where you were.
but then i got up. but now im still dreaming about you, awaken.
and have the feeling: nwe gonna meet again. because we have to meet again. at least in our dreams. unbtil it comes to the point... it comes to the truth.