October 3, 2011

From Brooklyn to the souls /dratf/

Want to live in a green world again.

Comfort slowly kills the human being.

Or they do it themselves because of it.

I knew a lot of elderly in the mountains who lived in the countryside, they really lived with nothing, a copuple of cows, chicken...in a house that did't even have real glasses at the windows and they were so happy...modern people are all the time stressed and sad.

That's our problem. Having windows, but not using them to let the world in, just another thing to hide ourselves away from the light, from each other, and hanging colourful "curtains" justr to make it more patterned, instead of saying the truth, that we forgot how to just look out on it...

Tech and economy have surpassed us and our tools are'nt more for our utility . Our societies arent made for the people.

People. But not their souls.

(Based of outsider events and a conversation with a friend, about it.)

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