November 17, 2010

Message up... for You

I left the door open. In the dark room. If you get off and then in the moonlight, and you feel like it, come in. I left the lights burning in my room. I'm sorry, that is not such a big order, but, for me compared to myself... my part of room is arranged. I hope You can notice. You do? :)
I have left a place on the bed for You, you can sit down there. Next to me. There are some textbooks, and a couple of notes. Further on, there is an article in one folder. I have to translate it (for myself). It would be nice if you could help me.
The weather was nice today. And the leaves on the ground, You would love them. Maybe I would asked You to run into it with me. But You rather would just looked at me doing it. But I would see You smiling. That wrinkled smile, what comes up from Your deep heart.
I miss You, You know? Indeed, so much. You are far away. Close. Unattainable. Inseparable. I'm afraid. Sometimes I'm so alone. And sometimes I feel like calling You. It wouldn't be cheap, but hearing You is more valuable than anything. Priceless. The dear voice. A laugh. The cries. The sighs ... All just Yours.
How different is everything. Without you. How many things in this World You were... Simultaneously. From ourselves. In you. How much there was ...
Was. And now only the memories remain. But as long as we are. They exist. And You breathe with our breathtakes.
There are many things I haven't said yet. But I know that You listen. And will ever after. In the light of the candle the sounds would take me to You. The words reach Thee, is not it? You will visit me sometime, wouldn't You?
In the evening, when I dreaming, caress me sometimes. When it's hard to fall asleep, kiss me to the dreams, and visit me.
I'm going now. (Oh, I haven't said, I was washing! And ironing. You would be proud of me, would You? And I even started to like to wash the dishes too...) It is good here, I just miss You ... Please sit next to me, I'd hug You so much.
I love you.