January 21, 2010

First, starter post

A try for a description about me - from an interview

Introducing ourselves is always a hard thing... at least for me.
I was always interested in exchange program things, but have never been in one and I'd like to change that.
I'm in my first year at university studying Social studies.
I do that because I'm interested in people, and society.
I like to "analise" people, to watch, to hear, to connect and be connected to them. To call them friend and make them calling me a friend.
Connection is a very important thing in my life. If I ever get really in touch with somebody or something, it remains there for a long time. Lifelong.
My family is really important for me. They taught me the love of travelling and to be open minded and tolerant. And I've got a love for languages through my family too, because I was grown up in an "international" family. (Romanian roots, living in Hungary, having relations in England...
Because of this I can speak and write Romanian fluently.)
And because of this I travel more. This kind of distance showed me that limits in between countries does exist only on maps, not in our souls.
I also believe in an idea of Pangea. The separation of the water between the continents doesn't mean that we can't unit it. People built up lots of bridges and made it not just phisically.
I believe that all of us is a piece of a "bridge". And together we can be a Pangea, again. I'd like to join and to became a piece of the Camp's bridge. :)

I love challenges, travelling and to feel that I can turn myself to useful things. I think, this camp would be a 3 in 1 thing from this point of view.

I don't have too much experience, but I've been a member of a Stundents' Volunteer Group in my secondary school years. And in those times I got in touch with many situations and many (types of) people, and really enjoyed it. I've tasted that how is it to be a group leader, but more times I was a "background" helper.


  1. My Dear Pearl, yes, I'm writing in English. Am I awesome or am I awesome? :D I hope the blogspot let me write to you a comment... So. What do I want to say? You are a piece of the bridge yet, and I'm next to You :) And I call You a friend. One of my best friends, my Pudding! :) Hug! (don't correct my faults :D)

  2. My Dear..Awesome! Pearl, I love you! :)
    Thank you for who You are, and that You are next to me. <3