April 14, 2010


I've dreamt about him.
I don't know why, and what the dream, what it meant.
I can remember looking at him. But he didn't noticed. I heard him laughing, or even "just" similing. Saw him playing with his brother. He was giggling, like a little boy does when he's tickled by someone.
Then he turned to me? Or somehow his.. their attention got me. Looking at them, between some branches, from behind of a churhc-like building.
Then the bells started to ring. Giggling stopped. He got up from the laid play-position. Left the little boy there, and came towards me. The boy weren't here anymore. (His mother came, or someone, took him, not sure. But he was somewhere, with someone safe.)
We were just two of us.
It was kind of a moment of enlightning... And he knew something ...new? Or better to say: old, but freshly discovered. A feeling.
Just like me.
A desire, for something else. A desire for it to be true.

*Not afraid, because it will be never read by. . .

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