April 15, 2010

Ghost moments

Part of some - other's - life...

She arrives home, and she finds a new feeling, new, old, new... True.
So she arrives home after anight would-be-spent-out-from-home, and she's undressing, and feeling tired, and somehow strange, at home.
Terribilyy tired, and sleepy maybe. She stands up, walks through the house, and open the parent's door.
She, her mother's still awaken. And she breaks in tear, and end up in her arms, saying sorry. And making the solution for the rows before.
And she falls asleep that way.

That's, what I'd like to do. The same. To open that door, to enter, and say: I am sorry for everything.
And to fall asleep in Your arms. Again. Arraiving home - finally.

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